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Pricing Information

Monthly Payment: $120 | Registration Fee (one time only): $50 Body Suit: $35 | Sweaters : $30 | Ballet Shoes: $20 | T-Shirt: $20

Dance School Policy

    1. Always be in rehearsal clothing. Girls must put their hair up.
    1.  Parents & others are not allowed in the dance studio.
    1.  Never be absent or late to class without prior notice.
    1.  Students who participate in their first concert must pay $200 for their dance costumes.
    1.  Please have payment ready by the 5th of each month (There will be a $10 charge for late payments).
    1.  Advanced payment for 6 months will be given a discount of $90. Advanced payment for 1 year will be given a discount of $220.
    1. NO credit will be given for any students missed classes.
    1. School will be closed for the following days: April 24th, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day.
    1. Payments for months of June. July and August must be combined. $50 discount applies.
  1. Private dance lessons (wedding first dance, Armenian & international dances) $60/hour.
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