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Pricing Information

Monthly Payment: $100 | Registration Fee (one time only): $50

Body Suit: $25 | Skirts: $15 | Ballet Shoes: $15 | T-Shirt: $10

Dance School Policy

    1. Always be in rehearsal clothing. Girls must put their hair up.


    1.  Parents & others are not allowed in the dance studio.


    1.  Never be absent or late to class without prior notice.


    1.  Students who participate in their first concert must pay S150 for their dance costumes.


    1.  Please have payment ready by the 5th of each month (There will be a $10 charge for late payments).


    1.  Advanced payment for 6 months will be given a discount of $60. Advanced payment for 1 year will be given a discount of S 150.


    1. NO credit will be given for any students missed classes.


    1. School will be closed for the following days: April 24th, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day.


    1. Payments for months of June. July and August must be combined. $30 discount applies.


  1. Private dance lessons (wedding first dance, Armenian & international dances) $60/hour.
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